Honest Company Review


Since having my baby boy, we have tried a lot of different soaps, lotions, and ointments. Our favorite so far has been the “Honest Company” products! It is a company that I felt more comfortable with as far as ingredients, and it is super easy to pick up because it is available at stores like Target.

When the whole Johnson & Johnson lawsuit thing happened, I set out to research each ingredient in the products that I put on my son from The Honest Company. All the research and data I based my opinions on were from “Skin Deep by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)”. I looked up each ingredient individually and also have included in this post the overall rating that EWG gave each product, www.ewg.org/skindeep. I am not a chemist or doctor, so this is completely my own opinion based on personal research.

Honest Shampoo & Body Wash 

20160404_170250 20160404_170359

This wash has helped my son’s skin so much! Other soaps were drying out his skin so bad. Pretty much immediately my husband and I saw a difference in the way his skin looked. We use the “Perfectly Gentle” scent that is sweet orange and vanilla. I am a vanilla addict, so I absolutely love the scent! The one not so great thing is that I used it on my hair, and it ended up making my hair really dry. For my son and as a body wash it works great though!

When looking up the ingredients, there were a couple that came up as “possible toxins”(not enough data to prove or disprove). Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice may be a developmental toxin. Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride may be a toxin to organs.

This wash is rated 1 by Skin Deep by EWG.

Honest Face & Body Lotion 


This unscented lotion, “Perfectly Simple”, has worked so well on my son and even on me. It does not contain apple which is an allergy I have, so I love that I can use it too! The lotion is not greasy when you apply it, it absorbs really well.

“Possible Toxins”: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice may be a developmental toxin, and Glyceryl Stearate has low concern of being an environmental toxin.

This lotion is rated 1 by Skin Deep by EWG.

Honest Healing Balm 


This balm has been AMAZING! At 10 months old my son all of the sudden had what we thought was eczema patches all over his body. With me wanting to switch all of our products to green options, I did not want to use Hydrocortisone cream on the eczema so I started applying this balm. It helped keep his skin moisturized so well and clears up the patches pretty quick. We are now thinking that the dry skin patches may be related to a gluten reaction, but that’s a different topic. We love this balm though!

“Possible Toxins”: Tocopherol at high doses may be linked to tumor formation.

This balm is rated 1 by Skin Deep by EWG.

These are the items that I use on my son, but soon will dish on other Honest products that I have tried around the house! To check out the company and the ingredients in each product visit www.honest.com. Thanks so much for reading this post 🙂 don’t forget to sign up for email updates when I release new blog posts!

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