Dental Health Favorites

The past few days I have been going to doctor appointments that have made me think about my mouth injury from high school. Which led me to think about my dental health and the products that I use. I have tried many toothpastes searching for something to replace my conventional favorite. I also went on a search for mouthwash options. I narrowed it down to three favorite “toothpastes” and one favorite mouth rinse.



The first favorite I’m going to talk about is “David’s Natural Toothpaste”. This is definitely the most expensive of these tooth products, but I REALLY liked this one. It gives you nice minty breath and leaves you feeling super clean. David’s toothpaste is vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. There are a couple of things that are really cool about the packaging and production of this toothpaste that sets it apart. The metal tube is 100% recyclable unlike conventional toothpaste tubes. The paper for the box is sustainably sourced, and is also created using 100% wind power. How cool is that?! Definitely a top pick of mine!


The second product I’ll chat about is “Crunchy Mama Bear’s Remineralizing Tooth Powder”. This is completely different than anything I have ever tried for my teeth! Due to the injury I sustained in high school, my teeth aren’t the healthiest. I have a retainer that has 3 fake teeth on it that has slowly caused my other healthy teeth to slowly decay (because I wear my retainer 24/7). I wanted something that would help remineralize or heal that decay. So I decided to give this powder a shot. It is this dark gray powder that smells like Cinnamon. It took a little getting used to because it doesn’t foam or feel like a conventional toothpaste, but it ended up definitely being a favorite of mine. My teeth felt very clean and whiter after using this product.


The last toothpaste I will talk about is the “Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint All-One Toothpaste”. This paste is very accessible because I can pick it up at Target. I have also found it when I go to ROSS! I love getting a little bit of a deal on what I buy. This toothpaste has a good peppermint taste to it, and leaves my mouth feeling clean. It is made of 70% organic ingredients. If you are looking for a more affordable but well performing option this would be it.

Mouth Rinse


While using the David’s Natural Toothpaste, I started using “Dr. Brite Cleansing Mouth Rinse in Mint”. I absolutely loved this combo of products. This rinse was not harsh at all! With conventional rinses I always felt like my mouth was burning, but not at all with this one. It’s free of so many harsh chemicals that you would usually find in your rinses and contains lots of organic ingredients. Dr. Brite mouth rinse is also vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free.



The other part of my dental routine that I decided to throw in here is the “Dr. Brite Whitening Pen in Mint”. I always wanted to use strips or something like that to get a whiter smile after my injury, but never did it. So glad I didn’t use those conventional whiteners now. But I saw this pen on Instagram and right away wanted to try it. I have not tried the apple flavor since I am deathly allergic to apple, but the mint flavor is great! You guys…this pen really works! I can tell a difference just after a couple days of using it. This pen is also made of lots of organic ingredients just like the mouth rinse. This pen has super clean ingredients and works, so it is definitely a must try.

Thanks so much for reading! Have you tried any of the products I talked about? What’s your favorite? Comment below 🙂

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