My Deodorant Switch


One of the first things that my family switched to in order to lessen our chemical exposure was deodorant. Conventional deodorant can be chocked full of harmful chemicals! I am not a doctor, so my decision was based on research I have personally done on the topic. This blog post will go through why I made the switch from conventional deodorants, that you can buy anywhere, to organic options.

Everyone has their own opinion and this blog is outlining the reasons why I personally switched the products that I use on my body. Sterling and I had watched a documentary that mentioned the toxicity of deodorant, so that made me look at the ingredients on the deodorant that I used. The deodorant that I was using, prior to switching to a homemade deodorant, had some very harmful chemicals in it. The first ingredient was “Aluminum Zirconium” which (through research I did on the internet) has been linked to kidney and nerve damage and over time linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. That alone was enough to make me want to switch deodorants. If you continue to look at your deodorant’s ingredients, you may find more harmful substances. Due to my deodorant containing aluminum zirconium and artificial fragrance, I switched to making my own deoderant.

When researching how to make my own deodorant, I discovered many recipes with baking soda and without. I found that baking soda can actually cause irritation on certain people. I tried a recipe that did contain baking soda and did not have a reaction to it. After trying other organic deodorants, there were no negative reactions. Personally, I like that I can pronounce every ingredient in my deodorant and that it is all natural and organic. I would much rather put coconut oil and essential oils on the delicate skin of the underarm than a form of aluminum.

I have heard from friends that “natural deodorant does not work”. I understand there is a frustration that comes with trying multiple natural products to find one that works for you, but the peace that comes with knowing I’m not putting harmful chemicals on my body out weighs that for me personally. The first natural thing I tried worked great for me though, it was a homemade coconut oil deodorant with essential oils.

I will give you all the recipe that I used to create my homemade deodorant on my next blog post. I encourage you to look at the products you are using to see if they could be harming you. I want you all to be happy and healthy!

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