Antique Dresser Update


For a few months our “entertainment center” situation has been really bugging me. We were using some cube shelving to put our TV on and also have a small amount of storage. It looked super cluttered and messy! So I told my husband that I wanted to take an antique dresser, give it a face lift, and use that for our entertainment center. He agreed, so my search was on!

I found an antique dresser on Craigslist for $75 that needed some TLC! We are not  super elegant antique kind of people, so we went with a dresser that had a more simple look to it. After purchasing the dresser, I came up with the design of white paint (zero VOC), simple black handles, and leaving the 2 drawer spots open as shelves. So for about $125 (way less than a brand new entertainment center) I could have a clean looking TV area! YAY!

So because I am a figure it out as I go kind of gal, I jumped right in to giving the dresser an update. First, I removed the antique hardware from the dresser. Then, I sanded the dresser. I didn’t sand it in super detail, just a rough sanding.

Then I started painting (going from top to bottom). The whole time i was painting I made sure there were no drips and everything looked even. Now here is where a little research may have helped me out! As the paint dried, there were just a couple spots where it looked like stain was coming through. They were extremely light spots so they don’t really bother me, but on the next project I will definitely look into making sure that does not happen. I applied 3 coats of matte white paint total. Be patient and go by what it says on the paint can as far as drying time.

Once dry, I added the black handles to the two large drawers.


Next, was figuring out how to make open shelves in the drawer spots. I decided to use my hubby’s strength and saw the fronts of the drawers off and paint the drawer white.  We also drilled holes in the middle of each drawer spot, in the back, so that we could fit cords through.


I am so happy with how the dresser turned out! A successful DIY project!





-sandpaper (not a fine grit)

-paint brushes

-white matte zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paint

-4 handles

-saw (optional)

Have fun, be patient, and be creative! Let me know how your projects turn out! Thank you so much for reading! Like, share, and comment!

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