Diaper Pail Life Hack


As a new mom, the cost of all the things a baby needed shocked me! My husband and I bought a diaper pail right before our son was born. We got multiple refills for it (about $7 per refill). Our son was born and we went through the diaper pail bags VERY quickly! I got to a point where I did not want to buy any more refills because they are pretty expensive. I tried taping a normal garbage bag in different ways to the pail, totally made it more complicated than it needed to be. I finally realized I can use the plastic part of the refill and a normal garbage bag. So here is how you do it:


You need a normal kitchen garbage bag and an empty plastic part of the refill.


Unfold the trash bag and shake it so it is not clinging together.


With the open rim of the plastic piece facing up, feed the garbage bag through the middle of the plastic piece.


Take the drawstring edge and fold it under the plastic piece. Continue tucking around the whole plastic piece.



Once the edges are all tucked in, open the top of the pail and feed the bottom of the bag into the pail. Place the plastic piece where it would usually be placed.


That’s it! An easy way to save some money on baby supplies!

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